IWAMURO, Fumihide, D.Sc. (Kyoto Univ.), Astrophysics

1. Development of OH-airglow Suppressor (OHS)
   OHS has the capability of eliminating more than 200 of the brightest OH
airglow emission lines, which are a major source of background radiation at
near-infrared wavelengths (1-2microns). Iwamuro developed the OHS for the
Subaru 8.2m telescope as well as the prototype instrument.
2. Development of Kyoto 3.5m Telescope
   Kyoto 3.5m Telescope is a new telescope planned to be built at Okayama
Astronomical Observatory. It has a segmented primary mirror with 6 elements.
Iwamuro is developing the mirror cell and the mirror support systems.

1. High Redshift Quasars (HzQSOs)
   Many HzQSOs have been discovered by a recent large sky survey. Iwamuro
observed 17 HzQSOs at 4.4