How to get to Department of Astronomy? [in Japanese]

 Kyoto city map :[Large]

 North Campus

From Kansai International Airport
to Kyoto station

   Take JR line "Haruka : express" from the airport to Kyoto station. 
   Necessary time : 75 minutes 
   Fare :  3,490 yen ( reserved seat)
             2,980 yen (non reserved seat)

From Kyoto station
to "Kyodai Nogakubu mae"

[Kyoto City Bus and Subway]

1) Take subway Karasuma line for "Kokusai kaikan" and get off at  "Imadegawa (K07)". 
   Then get on a city bus #203 for "Kinrin shako" and get off at "Kyodai Nogakubu mae". 
   Necessary time : about 20 minutes 
   Fares : 260 yen for subway 
              230 yen for city bus 

2) Get on a city bus #7 for"Kinrin shako" and get off at  "Kyodai Nogakubu mae". 
    Necessary time : about 40 minutes 
    Fare : 230 yen 

3) Take a taxi.
    Necessary time : about 20 minutes
    Fare : about 2,000 yen
    No custom of tipping 

From "Kyodai Nogakubu mae"
to    Department of Astronomy 

   Get off the bus at "Kyodai Nogakubu mae", then walk to north at the traffic light.  Walk 250m.

   Silver domes are at the top of the brick-red Department building. 
("Graduate School of Science Bldg.4")
Department is mainly on the 4th and 5th floors. 
   Department of Astronomy 
   Faculty of Science 
   Kyoto University 
   Kyoto,  606-8502, Japan 

   Tel. 81-75-753-3890 
   Fax 81-75-753-3897

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